🪨 Menhir prototype collection, 2019
Experimental furniture collection, 4 pieces
Pre-diploma at the university of applied arts Vienna

Shown at
Angewandte Festival 19, Vienna, 2019

Photo credits 1 - Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland with Philia Kleemann

The "Menhir" prototype collection is an homage to the aesthetic value of the wrinkle, and a testimony that it’s still possible to completely rethink how everyday-objects are made. Build with industrial plastic-welding methods, the envelope pre-give the rough cut of the given furniture. Filled with a porous material, they are in a soft state. Only with an environment of constant pressure, here by sucking out the air with a vacuum-valve, the objects gain stiffness and their distinctive folds. The shift between soft, middle and hard state enables to sculpt and shape the object to a certain degree, each one always different from the other, due to the unpredictable way the materials and wrinkles behave.