Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland
Based in Vienna, Austria

Fluent in German, French and English

Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland’s projects reflect his approach of work: to research, experiment and rethink the materials, functions and conventional forms of objects; taking them out of their "comfort zone". The results are objects and products that combine functionality and aesthetics, while celebrating the beauty of details.
2003-2015: Lycée Français de Vienne
2015: Baccalauréat Série S + Österreichische Zentralmatura
2015-2016: Austrian civil service: Verein mulitikulturelles Netzwerk
2016-today: University of applied arts Vienna - Industrial Design 1 
2019: Pre-diploma - Industrial Design 1
2019-2020: Industrial design exchange at ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland
July-August 2020: assistance to Christian Ruschitzka for his "Hochsommer" exhibitions in South-Burgenland
2020-today: Student-assistant and student-representative at the department Industrial Design 1 at the University of applied arts Vienna
May 2021-today: Part of the studio-group "Design in Gesellschaft"
2021: Curator and head of project for "Andere brauchen Ihren Sitzplatz vielleicht notwendiger" and "L’orage est parti "(both at gallery Franz Josefs Kai 3, Vienna)
November 2021-today: Assistant to the artistic direction and production-manager, gallery Franz Josefs Kai 3, Vienna
June 2022: Diploma Mag.des.ind. - University of applied arts Vienna

Exhibited at:
2018: Essence - Jahresausstellung Die Angewandte 18: Light, Lichtausstellung, Vienna
2019: Galerie Rauminhalt - Declared, a call for action (shortlist), Vienna
2019: Take Festival - Offshore Framing (collaboration with Karolin Brägger), Sophienspital, Vienna
2019: Show Modeklasse 19 (collaboration with Karolin Brägger), Vienna
2019: Vote,Vote,Vote! - Volkskundemuseum (collaboration with Karolin Brägger), Vienna
2019: Angewandte Festival 19, Vienna
2020: Angewandte Festival 20, Vienna
2021: Angewandte Festival 21 (+ curation), Vienna
2021: Andere brauchen Ihren Sitzplatz vielleicht notwendiger, gallery Franz Josefs Kai 3 (also head of project + curation), Vienna
2021: L’orage est parti, gallery Franz Josefs Kai 3 (+ curation), Vienna
2021: Vienna Design Week 21, Offene Gesellschaft at Design in Gesellschaft, Engerthstraße 124 (+ curation), Vienna
2021: Ding Market, Design in Gesellschaft, Engerthstraße 124 (+curation), Vienna
2018-2021: Various online exhibitions on Instagram and virtual galleries

Upcoming exhibitions:
January 2022: Weltmaschine(n) with Christian Ruschitzka, unknown location, Vienna
January 2022: IMM, Cologne
February 2022: Unnamed group exhibition 1180, Vienna (+ curation)

Digital skills:
Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro)
Rhino (version 5, 6 and 7)
Keyshot (version 7, 8, 9)
Cinema 4D

Workshop skills (overview):
Skilled with metal, wood, plastic, digital and experimental prototyping

Digital portfolios:
Instagram: @wimmrue