🏛 Yori, 2019-2020
Series of leaning objects for museum/exhibition spaces, replacing traditional gallery benches

Photo credits - Werkstätte Digitale Fotografie, Universität für angewandte Kunst
Model - Alice Klarwein
Renderings - Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland

Focus of this concept is the time-taking, the play between resting and contemplating for short periods in museum and exhibition spaces. First approach for this theme is the sitting situation, this was discarded to emphasize on the brink between sitting and standing: leaning. It’s the first instinct the body has while standing up and getting tired. It’s the first move while waiting, taking a short rest or calmly contemplating something. Sitting is often a long commitment you take in a museum, while leaning can be very brief. The "Yori"-objects are discreet structures that can be placed in strategic points of an exhibition, varying on the way you lean and sometimes even offering new possibilities of social encounters and interactions.
Project made while an exchange program at ECAl, Lausanne, Switzerland