Water-tower Favoriten, Vienna

Curation - Hanna Gassner, Julia Harrauer, Ines Kaufmann, Vanessa Wavrouchek
Artists - Alessandro Albrecht, Alma Bektas, Josefine Ehs, Luiza Furtado, Francis Hirschl, Sunggu Hong, Greg Jenkins, Nanna Kaiser, Ines Kaufmann, Ruben Ezequiel Löwy, Oliver Matzner, Margarita Merkulova, Nikola Milojcevic, Jonas Morgenthaler, Kristina Deska Nikolic, Sophie-Luise Passow, Gert Resignier, Caio Rosa, Marlene Stahl, Meat Stevens, Petter Wang, Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland, Marit Wolters, Lily Zlotover

The water lilly grows, miles of shallow waters communicate with the visitors medial-poetic habitats and illusionistic perception. The water tower Favoriten presents itself as an air bubble, allows to breathe and dive into previously unfounded waters. Site-specific and medium-oriented positions present themselves fluid and animated. The emerging Viennese art scene networks far across the oceans and brings numerous artists together in the historically and architecturally unique water reservoir to reflect on water in a wide variety of artistic positions. The curation understands this medium as a basis for a rhizomatic networking, poetic, intuitive and of fluctuating viscosity. On the opening day, the tower transforms into a place of artistic action, water flows, melts and evaporates in performances, site-specific installations and acoustic landscapes.

Photo credits - Hanna Gassner