🧼 MUJI 2019-2020
Trolley, product, flexible object specially developed for the space under the bathroom sink

Photo credits - Werkstätte Digitale Fotografie, Universität für angewandte Kunst

After learning the "MUJI-method" of observation of social and everyday problems from designers and employees of the brand, this project aims to solve the question: "What do I do or how to I make better use with the space under my bathroom sink?". The result is a trolley, using the sink itself as a hiding element, becoming a drawer underneath it. The handle in the front is also a possibility to hang towels, making them curtains to hide the objects behind them. The space left out for the siphon separates at the same time two sections, designed to fit the classic white MUJI-boxes.
This project was made in cooperation with MUJI during an exchange-semester at ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland.