🍟 MAK MENU, 2022
MAK - Museum of Applied Arts, Stubenring 5, Vienna
Installation in the entry Hall of the MAK during Vienna Design Week 22

Curation - Marlies Wirth (Curator, Digital Culture and MAK Design Collection) & Janina Falkner (Head, Education and Outreach)

Design, concept and execution - Stephanie Kneissl, Mia Meus, Isabel Prade & Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland (all four part of "Design in Gesellschaft")

Photo credits 1 - VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka
Photo credits 2 - Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland
Photo credits 3 - Mia Meus

Visit a museum the way fast food is consumed? With the collection-spanning installation MAK Menu by the studio collective “Design in Gesellschaft”, the focus is placed on the topic of information consumption at museums.

On the occasion of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2022, the designers are serving the MAK Menu in the MAK Columned Main Hall: On a red walk-in tray, replicas of design icons from the MAK Collection made of white paper mâché are offered—a vase by Koloman Moser (1906), a toaster by Jesse Howard (2012), and a plug made of ruby glass (anonymous, Germany, 18th century).

As an exquisite side dish, an educational concept with eleven audio files developed especially for the MAK completes the MAK Menu: The combination of different collection objects—independent of era, medium, or concept—gives rise to unexpected stories and oftentimes intuitive cross-references.

The installation MAK Menu alludes to the museum as a place of “fast-culture-consumption” while at the same time whetting visitors’ appetite for contemporary museum culture and its special artifacts with stories we normally wouldn’t take time for.

MAK Menu – to go: For the audio tours that guide visitors through the historical MAK Permanent Collection, the contemporary MAK Design Lab, and also through the online archives, the designers curated objects as menus according to their liking. They include the “I could have made this, too-Menu,” the “Detox-Menu” as an inspiration for life offline, or the “Ups-Menu” that looks into seemingly flawed or broken objects.

The Menus can be accessed on a screen in the MAK Columned Main Hall that works like an order terminal at a fast food restaurant: The different MAK Menus exist in digital form and run on the screen. At the push of a button, the MAK Menus are also printed on sales slip paper—the selection is random. The Menus are “consumed” via the MAK Guide as audio tours, which are personally recorded by the designers with individual stories that cast an unusual and different glance at the objects of the MAK Collection. Visitors can keep the printed sales slips as a “MAK Menu to go” and then consume the tours anytime and as often as they wish or also give them away as presents.

The eleven Menus that are being launched on the occasion of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK are the beginning of an expandable series of individual audio tours through the Collection that will be compiled by artists and designers in the future on invitation by the MAK.

MAK DESIGN NITE: In the context of the MAK Design Nite, which is an annual special event by the MAK for the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and free of admission, the designers will personally be present and accompany tours. Directly in front of the main entrance of the museum on the Stubenring, a further installation will also be set up on this evening: Artful French fries will be served at a French fries stand (MAK Drive) designed and built by “Design in Gesellschaft