Collectible Fair, Rue Picard 3, Brussels
Curated section 2023, group exhibition main hall

Curation - Leo Orta
Works - Annelie Grimwade (Sweden), Atelier Duyi Han (China), Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland (Austria), Coline Le Quenven (United Kingdom), Didi NG Wing Yin (Hong Kong), Dilara Kan Hon (Turkey), Earthstone (Belgium), EDXXKAT (Italy), Gemma Barr (The Netherlands), Henrik Ødegaard (Norway), Jibbe Van Schie (The Netherlands), Lenny Stöpp (The Netherlands), Louise BEGUE TEISSIER + Mathis BROUSSOT (France), Maria Tsilogianni (Greece), Max Funkat (Germany), Ori Orisun Merhav (The Netherlands), Sangmin Oh (The Netherlands), Studio Basse Stittgen (Germany), Studio Eidola (Switzerland), WKND Lab (South Korea), Yuma Kano (Japan), Zuzanna Spaltabaka (Polska)

The CURATED SECTION, dedicated to emerging and mid-career independent designers and design studios, is a space for radical experimentation and discovery where participants are invited to explore pioneering ideas and processes in design.

For its 6th edition, the CURATED SECTION 2023 will be chaired and curated by Paris based designer, artist and curator Leo Orta around the curatorial statement: 'What is your story?'

The curatorial proposal ‘What is your story?’ is driven by essential questions that have arisen at a poignant moment in history. The pandemic, increasing scarcity of resources, spiraling oil prices, and climate deregulation are forcing us to reflect on the directions we must take. It has become clear that the new route should consider significant adjustments in the production process, such as local sourcing and manufacturing and the use of sustainable materials to reduce human impact on the environment.

‘What is your story?’ will focus on the collaborations and networks that a new generation of artists, designers, and architects are building together to restore and empower a collective force of creativity from the grassroots, alongside local communities, artisans, and manufacturers.

The proposal aims to encourage collaborative processes, honour craftsmanship and champion sustainable material choices by tracing the supply chain to expose the carbon footprint.

Photo credits - Johann Viladrich