👓 brabra x wimmrue, 2019
Collaboration with Karolin Brägger
Series of 5 face-glasses, shoulder pads and a custom shoulder serving piece

Shown at
Take Festival (Offshore Framing curated by Julius Pristauz), 2019
Show Modeklasse 19, Vienna, 2019

Photo credits 1 - James Bantone
Photo credits 2 - Mario Ilić
Photo credits 3 - Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland

Experimenting with an industrial furniture producing method, applied in the field of fashion. Polyurethane foam is sprayed into 2-dimensional elastic fabric molds, blowing up to 3-dimensional objects. The signature double-shoulder pad enables the user to serve six Prosecco-glasses; fashion and serving object become one. The acrylic face-glasses start in a 2 dimensional way, being shaped through with heat into functional pieces.