🧳 Rimowa As Seen By, 2022
Stilwerk, Kant-Garagen, Kantstraße 127, Berlin
Traveling art group show by RIMOWA

Curation - Marin Mornieux (with Yalin Shu) (RIMOWA) & The Community

Works - Acte Tm, Alessio Bolzoni, Atelier Sohn, Avoir, Benjamin Edgar, Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland, Devon Ojas, Dorian Renard, Doublet, Fabian Bergmark Näsman, Gamzar, Hongxi Li, Hyunhee Kim, Illya Goldman Gubin, Imruh Asha, Jaewon Kang, Jiro Nagase, Junsoo Kim, Kaisa Willner, Klemens Schillinger, Kwangho Lee, Manifold Works, Mario Tsai, Max Beckmann, Maxwell Arkin, Michal Sycz, Multistandard, NEW TENDENCY niceworkshop., Nick Ross, Nicole Mclaughlin, Niveau Zéro Atelier × Warm Weekend, NM3, nonphysical_as, Obiects of Common Interest, Odd Matter, Oliver Sundqvist, Oneseo Choi, Orange Terry, Paul Créange, Quentin Vuong, Raphael Lopez, Sean Brown, Sigve Knutson, Sisan Lee, Six Dots Studio, Spencer Daly, STUDIO MARFA, studio re.d, Teresa Fernández-Pello, Texmosa, Thomas Ballouhey, Tim Teven, Tom Ducarouge & Treaptyque, Wendy Andreu, Yusuke Seki, Zheng Lu

Photo credits 1 - Gregor Kaluza (space & pack shots)
Photo credits 2 - Paul Aidan Perry Photography (party)
Photo credits 3 - Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland

Since its first aluminium suitcase was debuted in 1937, RIMOWA has become synonymous with the strikingly minimalist metal. Now, this legacy is being celebrated with “As Seen By,” a traveling exhibition of artworks by local artists throughout the world curated by RIMOWA in partnership with art collective, The Community.

Launched long before the pandemic as a way to champion the work of local artists, RIMOWA’s “As Seen By” series took on new meaning after the first lockdown. With travel paused, it offered an exciting opportunity to commission works borne instead out of the raw materials used to craft RIMOWA’s suitcases.

The exhibition gives an elevated perspective to RIMOWA’s most iconic materials. A diverse collection of artists – from contemporary artists and creative studios, to industrial designers – were given materials that included grooved aluminum sheets and spare parts. Selected for their craftsmanship capabilities and unique visual expression, each artist created a singularly distinctive sculpture. Despite their differing styles, however, they were united by these shared materials, which creates a common visual language that runs through the exhibition.

One year and seven cities later, RIMOWA's ‘As Seen By’ exhibition has reached its final stop in Berlin.