🪑 Andere brauchen Ihren Sitzplatz vielleicht notwendiger, 2021
FJK3 - Contemporary Art Space, Franz-Josefs-Kai 3,  Vienna
Exhibition for the University of applied arts Vienna & Flüchtlingsprojekt Ute Bock

Concept and head of project - Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland

Curation - Georg Adam, Selin Göksu, Catherine Hu, Lisa Leitgeb, Benjamin Nagy, Liza Sočan, Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland
Graphic design - Selin Göksu & Catherine Hu
Texts - Jana Diewald & Pauline van Gemmern

Photo credits - Lea Sonderegger

Works - Anna Rose Ableidinger, Georg Adam, Alexander Allroggen, Ludwig Bachmann, Magda Baran, Wilhelm Berbig, Paul Canfora, Steven Dahlinger, Anton Defant, Johanna Defant, Felix Eselböck, Juliane Fink, Moriz Fischer, Lara Friesz, Lilian Furrer, Selin Göksu, Jasmit Hof, Catherine Hu, Emilie Karaskova, Alice Klarwein, Sofia Kocher, Denis Kurtanovic, Lisa Leitgeb, Karin Markowski, Robert Männa, Franz Mühringer, Benjamin Nagy, Anton Posch, Philipp Pranzl, Max Rohregger, Camila Ruh, Sergei Renzo Saraiva, Michelle Schäfer, Agnes Schlager, Johanna Schlosser, Leony Schmidig, Rita Schneeberger, Fabio Schumi, Liza Sočan, Flora Sommer, Jakob Stötzler, Joachim Tenhalter, Gergely Vass, Dana Volavsek, Christoph Wimmer-Ruelland, Xaver Wizany

"All creatures with bottoms / no wings / sit. / They need to sit / love to sit / have to sit / must sit.", writes the Chinese poet Lü Yue. Chairs are objects we often engage with, they serve a function carrying us, at the same time meet our aesthetic desires. When they no longer fulfill our expectations, they are given away, left on the street or thrown in the trash. What happens if instead of declaring them useless, you ask yourself what potential could they have?

How can the seemingly worthless objects be broken down into individual parts and recombined in such a way that they become desirable again? The students of the Industrial Design class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna have set out in teams to search for the old, the broken or the no longer fashionable. In short: the unwanted objects.

A new chair was to be created from these discarded pieces. These new chairs will then be auctioned off and the proceeds donated. For this purpose, the students peeked into dumpsters, scrolled through the endless listings on Willhaben.at and searched the streets of Vienna for potential materials. What seemed relevant to them were not only chairs, but also things that could become part of a chair. Benches and tram seats - worn, bent, with torn upholstery or simply ugly to look at, also an ironing board from a past decade, a satellite dish that is no longer receiving a signal, a piece of bulky metal fencing, a shopping trolley or a cable drum. The objects were then revived as material, understood as building blocks and reinterpreted for something new. They were welded, bent, cut, glued, sanded, drilled, bound, sewn, stacked. Some only minimally altered, only expanded, others modified in such a way that the original was hardly recognizable anymore.

Working with the old, the discarded, means entering into dialogue with what was before. In this project, the students‘ work did not begin with a blank piece of paper, as usually the case. Rather, it was sculptural, meaning that it had to start out of an already defined material about to find a new form. The process was circular: if material was still missing somewhere, the search began again and the new material in turn led to new ideas.

The result of thirty-five chairs can be seen from the 21st of May 2021 until 16th September 2021 in the exhibition Please offer your seat to those in need in the gallery FRANZ JOSEFS KAI 3. They can be seen, sat on and bought. The proceeds of the auction will go to the non-profit Ute-Bock Foundation, which has been supporting refugees in Austria with great commitment since 2002.